Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Make Room in the Bed Baby..............

I must get better acquainted with this one before I take him out and get him dirty…hehe. This picture definitely doesn’t do him any justice, I must apologize. This gorgeous steed weights in at a measly 23 lbs, and his red hot carbon fiber frame just makes his ’07 XTR drivetrain look absolutely stunning. Soon, we’ll be spending long sunny summer days cruising along on never ending singletrack with the sounds of birds chirping, the wind blowing through my helmet ….you get the point. Summer is just around the corner, but first I must defeat the dreaded multivariable calculus demon…uggg.

Thanks Calgary Cycle!!!

Monday, 19 February 2007

Here we go.....

Well this is a little scary, anything computer related kind of freaks me out. Somehow I always manage to wreck my comupter when I do something new with it.......going to need Dallas to show me how to download pic's. I've been inspired by a few friends and want to share my journey through the season with everyone. There will be lots of pic's, lots of mud, hopefully not too much blood, but lots of fun.