Sunday, 30 June 2013

Cameron Law Cycling Weekend

     I would just like to start by saying thank you To all the organizers and volunteers that made this such an awesome weekend of racing all over the South Island. Events like this fizzle and die without your continued efforts and support....So Thanks!

     Friday night was the kick off, The Rumble Dallas Rd. TT. Now this is not my forte, especially when trying to set up the ole' pink flame madone. "Regan, make it faster" was my plea the night before. So he slammed the front end low, I mean on the race of the bearing low, to get me as low as uncomfortably possible.  And I broke out the Stan's NoTbes cyclocross skin suit to make myself as aero as possible.  Just under 8 minutes and I managed to snag 3rd place!  Late friday night at the shop, Regan changed me back into road bike mechanic/boyfriend ever!

Rumble TT  - photo from Morgan Turner
Saturday morning, up bright and early, I rode the hour and a bit out to Metchosin for the start of the road race.  A little more of a warm up than was necessary, but I was definitely ready to rock.  Off the gun there was a suicide attack that stayed out for a full lap or our 8 lap race, but no one was really worried as the pack easliy brought her back in.  After 3 laps the pack had whittled down to only 6 women, the steep climbing taking it's toll early on lot of legs.  For 2 laps the 6th girl rallied to stay on and had to play catch up a couple time, but half way through the 5th lap she was just gone.

Trek Red Truck had 2 women in the pack, and with the 3 solo riders, it was pretty interesting to see how tactics where unfolding.  It was very clear that Megan was the strongest climber of the group, and the only race tactic (not my forte either) was to try and split that team up, which didn't work.  it came down to a 5 person sprint....which I'm not too bad at.  Rolling into the bottom of the last hill, myself, Nik and Megan were dead even.  Megan went first and I didn't have the jump on the uphill finish to close the gap, but grabbed second place in my first road race in.....................I think 6 years.

Westhills Road Race - Photo from Morgan Turner
Nothing like an hour ride home to cool down and blow the crud out of the legs.  But after well over 4 and a half hours on the saddle in the heat I was a little cooked.  Regardless of the long cool down, I still needed a 90 min easy warm up just to get my legs "open" for the Sunday crit.  45 laps of the historic Bastion Square makes for a very fast paced and very spectator friendly race.

After a very hard lesson last year, I quickly learnt that being the most aggressive rider just means that you really have no idea what your doing, haha.  That's definitely not to say I'm at all keen on sitting in the entire race, but I am willing to accept the fact that launching 47 attacks and riding away from the group is probably not the best race plan.  Maybe being tired from the day before gave me the right amount of smarts to race a really good crit finally.

Shortly into the race I went for the first prime, winning $50 in a very close sprint.  I settled into a good groove, making a handful of hard attacks and chasing down a number of hard attacks, but definitely not wasting a bunch of energy.  The pack stayed together a lot more this year, which made the whole race dynamic really interesting.....and a lot of yelling.... which seems to be typical of road racing.

With around 10 laps to go I went for my 2nd prime and the best prime ever, $50 to Choux Choux Charcuterie...our local bacon supplier.  After that last spring, my legs were ready for the finish.  Half way through the 2nd last lap, I attacked, stretching the pack out a bit.  Megan came around me and kept the pace high.

Coming out of crash corner for the final time, I attacked, but couldn't shake Megan from my wheel.  One last corner and we were both heads down sprinting neck and neck for the line.  If it was an inch I'd be surprised, but I nabbed the win!  Have to say I'm very honored to be added to the list of all the names that have won the Bastion Crit....and 2nd overall in the Omnium.
Bastion Crit - Photo from Morgan Turner
Top Step - Photo from Donna Marie

Followed that weekend up with a super fun 12 hours of Cumberland with Regan, finishing 2nd on some of the best trails around...though the 18th time down Space Nugget was really hard.  Thank you to all the amazing sponsors and volunteers at these amazing events on the island.

Just under one month till the Transrockies!