Monday, 19 May 2014

Is it really the middle of May already!

Hey Regan, want to race this weekend?  Sure!  ……What I didn't tell him was that it was a 6 hour race :)

First 6 Hours of Maple in Duncan was probably one of the harder races I've done in a long time, steep fire road climb followed by fast, technical, rough and steep descending.  You know it's a great trail when the downhill section takes twice as long as the uphill section!….though it's easy to forget just how much climbing there is on the downhill.  A 9 km lap with approximately 400m of climbing each lap, you are either going uphill or downhill.

Regan with Laila on course

Couldn't have asked for nicer weather for an event like this either.  Lots of sun and a little sprinkle to keep things cool.  6 laps done (one with my puppy and half with Regan) and I couldn't hold on to my handlebars any longer.  A day later and everything hurts and so stiff haha, but so worth it :)

This last month a bit, since Sea Otter, has been extremely busy…gaaaah, too much work and 60 plus hours of OT :(  Definitely putting a crimp in my lifestyle!  Last week I was in Burnaby for a work course and made the best of it bringing my road and track bikes :)

Tuesday Night Crit photo Matt Hornland
Monday night track night at the Burnaby track, scary!!!  30 km/hr minimum rolling speed just to stay on the track is a little disconcerting…but it was super fun and a great workout.  Tuesday night crits in Burnaby kicked my butt….raced the women's (finished 2nd to a fast sprinter) and hopped in the men's cat 3….nothing like 70 km in under two hours :)  And topped the week off with a fantastic 3 and half hour tour around the greater Vancouver area with Isabelle Deguise on Thursday night….and she even fed me :)  Not bad for a work week!

Thanks Isabelle!
Recovering and getting ready for Cumby 50 next weekend….thinking my Trigger 29er may be fun for that course!

One month till San Juan Huts!!