Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Cross Training

For all of you that have heard or are experiencing the brutal arctic front, I feel for you. I've been a wimp for the past couple of days, barely making it from my car to school, work or home. Lately I've felt like just curling up with a good book and a big mug of hot chocolate all day long. 50 below seems to have that effect on people, though kudos to my crazy dad who still insists on riding to work..

Although I haven't been cross country skiing since the cold snap, I've become more active in other cross training activities during these cold times. Last night I meet up with a couple of friends for some indoor rock climbing action. A couple hours of monkeying around ...hehe, (I know, I'm lame too) definitely helps to take your mind off the weather. After taking some time off of climbing, I've really been enjoying getting back into it this past winter as it's something completely different than cycling..and my fingerprints are finally starting to grow back too.

Today, I went to the gym early before class and did a super tough strength workout and core, and tomorrow I think I'm going to try some "Hot Yoga". Till the weather returns to more bearable temps, I'm restricting my self to indoor'd never know that I grew up in the North :)

Hoping this weekend to head out for a ski of the Cookie Race loop in the Kananaskis, which is a 42 km classic ski loop. Super fun with lots of hills and lots of fresh snow.

But for now, I'm heading downstairs for a little ride on the trainer, hope there is something good on the TV :)

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

School or Bike Races???

Surviving my first couple days of school haven't been that bad, I only have two courses left to graduate, so I definitely can't complain. Contaminant Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology (a course somewhat designed to help geologists and engineers communicate with eachother better).
I have discovered one big problem though, I'm going to miss all of my final exams during my trip to Europe to do the World Cup events...hehe. Not that I'm really upset about that, but I am really hoping that I can work something out to write them at a different date so I can at least gradute. I'm making the trip to Dean's office tomorrow to try and plead my case for a deferral.....oh to be done with school :) Wish me luck.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Happy Holidays

Ever wonder what you'd look like made of wood?? My grandpa carved and painted this incredible figurine out of wood for Christmas for me. Yes, that's real hair coming out of the helmet, whose, I don't know. And if you can zoom in close enough, you'll notice that I'm sporting the latest MED (my initials) edition front fork and Nike shoes.....wicked.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years.