Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Yes...I'm still alive

Ok, ok, I know, I've been really pathetic with my updates the last month. No good excuse, just lazy. I've done lots of cool stuff, like getting lost in the Moab desert, mapping rocks around Canmore, ridden Logan's pass two days in a row with Dallas....and now, not so cool, but kind cool...back in school baby. It's my last year finally in my geology degree. It's been a long road...six years, not straight, to be exact....but I'm ready to move on from the school life for now.
I've been taking it really easy the last couple of days, not much riding or running, or anything, because I can barely move. My little crashs two months ago is coming back to haunt me in full force and I'm honestly not a happy camper right now. Going for a much needed massage on Sat, so hopefully I can get everything sorted out and ready for cross season which is fast approaching.

Till then....ciao

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