Thursday, 7 February 2008

Winter Riding

So here I am, feeling sorry for my cold self, checking out all of these blogs and photos of people riding in warm places...Tuscon, Hawaii, California....I'm having some serious warm envy. Lately it's been tough just motivating myself to go outside from my house to the car, that kind of thing. Three minutes outside is too much.
For the past couple of days, it's been warming up a little, but I'm very slow to come out of my cave. Breaking the hibernation cycle is a slow, tough process. You know, it's warmer out, so you ditch the puffy jacket for something a little more stylish, but not as warm and you end up feeling just as cold as when it was -40 out...if that makes sense?
Thinking about it, my dad has been riding none stop too and from work in this nasty weather and that got me motivated. Dallas did a super epic road/gravel ride on Monday on his old fully rigid hard tail and that got me motivated. Checking out pictures of people riding in warm places, although it filled me with envy, definitely got me motivated. So today, I pulled my single speed off the wall and headed out on a awesome snowy ride....and man did I have a blast. (It's actually only been a week since I've ridden outsite but this cold snap has made it feel like months) So I'm begging you, if you see me, give my butt a kick and tell me buck up and just ride outside...I'll love you for it.

Just over a month till the first race......almost can't wait that long.

Happy Trails

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