Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Southward Bound

I absolutely can not believe that it's that time of year again. Even though we had some killer nasty weather and the winter seemed to drag by, it's over and the first race of the season is this weekend. That's right folks, this weekend. Tomorrow evening, wednesday, after classes, I'm boarding the LAX bound plane for the first flight of the season. I'm spending a weekend in Fontana (east LA) to do the first NMBS race, then flying over to Phoenix to do a week (awww shucks) of training until the second NMBS race in Fountain Hills. Ahh, warm weather, get to work on muy eternal bikers tan.

Crazy though, I don't even have my new bike yet. My dad has been nice enough to let me ride his mountain bike for the past couple weeks just so I could get some off road miles in, and I'm picking the new rig up on thursday down south. Just enough time to break it in and make sure everything fits properly....keeping my fingers crossed.

Stay tuned for photos :)


BikingBakke said...

Keep us posted, it'll be a beautiful time to be down south for a bit. Make sure to post a few pics too!

What bike are you waiting for?

DalRock said...

good luck and have fun Mical!
( wish I was getting a sunburn with you )