Thursday, 15 May 2008

Down South Again.

Woke up this morning to nice and warm California the sun. Had a long travel day yesterday, I know, I know, you're probably thinking "ahhh boo hoo, your in California"..hehe, I know. Got lost by the LA airport when I picked my car up, then got stuck in LA rush hour...yuck, but finally made it out to Lompoc (which is a small town only 30 mins from the course), got a hotel, built my bike and went for a stellar evening sidewalk ride. It was absolutely beautiful out, and actaully a really, really nice time to ride.

I have just finished having a big breakfast and heading to the course to go for a spin and meet up with the Trek team (they're putting me up for the weekend..sweet).



Noel said...

Good luck this weekend Mical, tear the sh*t outta thing and rip it up!!!!

cheers | noel.

Team Darfur said...

Hello Mical,

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Have a great day,