Monday, 25 August 2008



Sorry everyone, I've been taking a little bit of a blogging hiatus, but I think it's time for a quick update.

Transrockies...definitely didn't start out the way that I had planned. Friday before the race I started to get funny guts, but I shrugged it off, thinking it was just a one day thing. But it only got worse, and I spent more and more time on the toilet. Then come Sunday morning while waiting in line to sign in at the start, I found myself throwing up in the rose bushes infront of everyone...lovely, I know. I decided to sit the first day out, and ended up getting 1.5L of IV and a good dose of gravol. The morning I was determined to ride...but I couldn't even keep breakfast in, so I decided to sit another day out and headed to the hospital for some advice and hopefuly medicine. Instead I got another litre of IV, another good dose of gravol, directions for just a clear liquid diet and the doctor told me that I wasn't going to be riding this week (I'd show her :)

I seriously considered packing it in a couple of times and heading home to my nice warm toilet versus the cold stinky outhouses that I was frequenting..I'm sorry, I know. Day three I got up, managed to keep down a little breakfast and suited up to join Dallas who had hammered the first two days (as long as I signed in with him in the morning, he was allowed to ride with another team and we would take the maximum time penalty). Day three was a 45km TT around Nipika, which worked out good because I could bail and be close to the finsih at all times if I got in trouble. It was an extremely slow and painful ride, but Dallas stuck it out with me (and my dad joined us), and we managed to finished our first stage as a which I celebrated by heading straight to the bathroom.

Things slowly got better through out the week. Day four was 109km to Whiteswan Lakes, and Dallas had to practically drag his girlfriend the distance...but we made it and finished in 6th. That night was the the first supper that I ate in five days...most of which I kept with me. Day five into Elkford was a tough day..we'll leave it at that. But it was the best damn supper that I'd ever eaten that night..and man did I eat a lot.....lots of lost and missed calories to make up for.

Day six into Blairmore was another long day, and we actually managed to race that day..yippeeeeee...and finished 2nd. And finally day seven into Fernie, we were both pretty shattered from our hammer ride the day before, but pulled off a 3rd place. To which we finished up 10th overall in the mixed category....not bad for starting out in last place and 6 hours behind after the first day.

I've been pretty shattered all week, practically just drooling in front of the tv or napping most of the day. Over a week later, I'm still feeling a deep down tired, but when I'm on the bike, I can definitely feel some good base fitness. This past weekend we did a great 5 hour hike to have lunch at the top of Grimm Pass...and my toes are still killing me...and a 3.5 hour road ride up Highwood butt is still sore...yikes.

Getting ready for my last flight of the season, heading down south to Brian Head, Utah for this weekends final NMBS race of the 2008 season. Can't believe it's that time of year again.

I want to send out a huge thanks to Dallas for putting up with me and dragging me through the TR, and my parents for being the best damn support/cooking/everything crew at the TR. As well as everyone who helped and encouraged us along the way. I'd definitely do it again, I mean, it can't be that hard again...can it??


linda said...

Glad to hear your back in the land of the living and feeling better. Don't be so down, you've had one hell of a long and busy season, you've done awesome!!! Have a healthy, safe trip south.

Steve said...

you're incredible just for getting out there for a few stages. You were ghost white. Loved meeting you and your family! Kick some ass in Utah!