Sunday, 28 June 2009


Super crazy awesome trails on the north shore..hehe, Jeff and I had huge s*^! eating grins the whole day. Day 1 starts up MT Seymour, good little road climb through a residental neighborhood off the start. Holy Moly, I can't believe how hard and fast we started and for how long. I was pinned just trying to stay with Jeff...he was rocking it today :) We managed to stay with the lead group to the whole shot, just behind Georgia and Ryan (Lune and Kona)..right where we needed to be. From there we settled in and had a great ride.

The downhills were super gnarly..hehe, yup very gnarly. I've never had the pleasure of riding this kind of terrain, and it's not like anything I've ever riden before. The first downhill was something else, I thought I was going to kill myself, getting bucked around like crazy. After struggling and fighting the bike with all my strength, I was finally able to get into the groove and things started flowing much better.

Hammering the finish Jeff and I finished a solid 2nd place in just under 2 hours, behind Georgia and Ryan, and just ahead of Sandra Walter and her partner. The finish and tent city is set up in Lynn Valley. Tomorrow is an early morninng ferry ride to Naniamo and 70km up to Parksville. Jeff is riding amazing and it's really cool to be able to ride out here with him.

Can't wit for supper time ... hehe ... love it.

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