Tuesday, 22 September 2009

It's cross time baby!!

My apologies, kinda fell off the face of the earth after getting home from Australia.... and my autoblog didn't take over for me..grrrrr. Needed a little time to decompress from the travel and the crash...regroup a little. Good news, found out nothing is broken in my shoulder and wrist..yippeee. Just a whole lot of good deep bruising and spraining of various parts....just need time to heal...ugggh....

Right..hehe. There's no way I'm gonna miss the best riding time of the season!! I've been doing a fair bit of road riding, which feels great, and even a little light mtbing, which surprisingly feels not too bad. Spent a week up in Fort Mac visiting a good dear friend and checked out all the good oldies but muddies trails. The occasional seize up of every muscle in shoulder causing me to yell out profanities, but that's usually the result of hitting something.

Took Frank out, my newly fully rigid singlespeed, yesterday on some pretty fun singletrack around Fish Creek Park....a little stiff today but not bad enough to not push my luck trying out cyclocross at the Midweek Mayheim cross race tonight...yippee, a little stoked about that....


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