Saturday, 24 July 2010

Stiff today

A little stiff sore and tired today...hehe....yesterday was an awesome but busy day.

Finished painting kitchen
Swam for 30 min...haha...that's a long time for me (2km in 20 mins...don't know if that's good but it nearly killed me:)
Yoga class (haven't gone to a class in while .... it was great!!!!)
3 hour evening hard mtb ride with Regan after work

Yup, I'm tired....Love it


Casey said...

Are you sure you did 2km in 20 minutes? That would make you a very elite swimmer.

Mical said...

Haha....ooooops, in my oxygen deprieved state of swimming hard my math totally goes out the window..hehe. 1 km!!!!!!!