Friday, 27 August 2010

10 hours of sleep

Wow...that day definitely kicked my butt...nothing like a solid 10 hours of sleep without even rolling over to make up for it..hehe. Just enjoying my first cup of joe for the day and trying to shake the cob webs....going a little slowly this morning.

Got to introduce Regan to his the typical budget racer experience of dealing with car rental companies.....he's in Quebec for 30 mins and ready to punch the first guy we meet...haha. I rented online a Matrix, nice and cheap, but more then likely big enough to fit two car board bike boxes and gear.....I should know better, but I really didn't think that a Toyota Yaris fit into the "or something similar" category. Some really creative tight packing, and the leaving behind of a bike box and disaster is averted.

Beautiful 5 hour drive south from Montreal into upstate New York through the Adiriondack Mountrains brings us to Windham Mountain, the home of World Cup Finals for 2010. Quick build of the bikes and quick grocery trip to the coolest little Italian grocery store not even 30 feet away from our awesome little cabin, followed by a quick spin up to the venue to blow out the legs...ouch!!! Big pasta dinner, 15 mins of good stretching to flush the jet lag out...........

and 10 hours of good sleep brings me to right now......and I just looked at the clock....sign in closes in a 90 mins, yikes, better get a move on. Pre-ride today and lots of lazy action around the cabin to prep the body and mind for the race tomorrow.

11:15 am start for us (9:15 Alberta time and 8:15 BC time), with live action on freecaster
and there is a rumor on the local radio station (Windham residence are so pumped to host this event) of coverage on CBC and a couple of other stations (though they will likely be a month after the fact).

Alright, stop procrastinating.....Ciao!!!

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