Friday, 17 September 2010

Getting in Shape for Cross

Haha, view details and check out the near 30 mins of max that how you get in shape for cross?????

Finishing up packing for a cross weekend in's raining sideways!!!!! Just found out too that my tires are too fat for the new UCI regulations...yikes.....doing some research online to find new tires last night didn't produce very many results. I'm sorry, but that's a really silly regulation that really limits the choices of tires out there........Ya, I can't even run the stock tires that come on my race bike!!!!!

Oh ya....on a happier note, my cross bike arrived last night.....super sexy Trek XO2 with full Shimano Ultegra. I'll get some photos posted once I've got him all nice and muddy. Off to do some test running on it, make sure I tightened all the bolts :)

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Dave Shishkoff said...

I know the feeling, here's mine:

Hurray for CX bikes!! Tear it up down there and have fun!