Saturday, 4 December 2010

Stick + Spokes and Fender = Bad News

Found out the really hard way what the pavement tastes like on my way to work on Wednesday. Yes, endoing on the road is a little tricky but with the right combination of a stick magically jumping up, getting wrapped up in supports of front fender, then proceeding to get jammed between spokes of thus front wheel and fork, all without any sound of forewarning, you too can achieve the rather non-enjoyable feeling of sailing head long over the handle bars. Despite going from over 30 km/hr to 0 in a split second, I actually fared relatively well. Both elbows are extremely sore to the touch, still after 4 days of healing, but I didn't even break the skin. One really good hematoma on my left thigh...I'm thinking from my handlebar, bruise on my left hip....pavement for sure, and my whole upper body feels like it's been beaten by a 2X4.

Thanks to everyone who stopped to help pick me up and pull my fender outta my front wheel!!!

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