Monday, 16 May 2011

Trainer Time

I can't believe that I pulled out the trainer yesterday!!! Yuck, middle of May and it feels like winter. I've had a month at home, wow time flies, and I'm packing my life up again to head over the pond to my first World Cup of the season in Dalby Forest, UK. Where's that you ask...haha, all I know is that it's about 5 hours north of London, and the forecast is looking warmer then here. Regan did an awesome race prep job on my bike yesterday, looks cleaner and shinier then it ever has and shifts oh so nicely. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

I've had a good solid last week of training leading into my travel, it's funny though, I find I'm always doing more then I'm supposed to. Is it a bad thing that I just love riding my bike?? Working in a little swimming in between riding on recovery days to mix things up and work different muscles. Last summer I re-learned how to swim (very painful process haha), and I've found it's been great for working on core and upper body muscles, and keeping me overall more balanced and injury free. I think I may have to invest in a new swim suit though, my 10 year old, wait, 12 year old, swim suit is starting to get a little saggy in places.

Did my last Tour de Victoria clinic ride on Saturday, the forecasted rain ended up being warm and sunny all day. It was a great ride, but I am horrible at keeping a group together as we rolled out of Trek Pro City at 830 am with probably 20 people, and finished at the Qoola frozen yogurt bar with only 5 people, including myself. I think I need to invent a tracking system that keeps people within a 50 m radius, if they escape, they get zapped...haha...jj.

Sunday I was super stoked to head out for a mountain bike ride, but woke to the sound of rain hammering down on the sky light...yikes. It rained hard all morning, and with an interval workout scheduled, I reluctantly pulled out my trainer, dusted it off and threw on James Bond's Die Another Day to get me through my workout. Yup, the rain kept me inside. It's really not that often that I'd admit to that, but it felt like winter in May....not motivating at all. Though I have seen pictures from the Tour de California.....haha....cancelled first stage due to SNOW!!!! Ya, I guess I could be skiing in Cali right now.

Tomorrow morning will be another early flight, 6:45 am outta Victoria. Trying out my new iPhone Air Canada app...electronic boarding pass....hope I did it right. It's going to be a long day, leave Victoria at 6:45am Tuesday, May 17 and arrive in London at 6:45 am, Wednesday, May 18...yuck, then we have a 5 hour drive north. Really wish I was first class!!!

Got my Robin Farrell Team Canada bell and I'm ready to go!!

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Inspector Clouseau said...

Used to spend lots of long weekends in Vancouver, and always heard that Victoria was even more special. Hard to believe.

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