Saturday, 28 July 2012

Here we go again TR3

Day 1 of Transrockies #5 for me!! Wow, has it been that many?? Unfortunately I'm only doing the 3 day again this year....but that's probably a good thing as I seem to have caught a nasty little head cold. Feels like my eyes are going to bug out from the pressure. Riding is I should just keep riding. Pounding the vitamin loaded EBOOST to try to curb this thing fast.

Day 1 starts and finishes in Fernie as time trial style on some of the best trails in North my humble opinion. When asked when I'd like to start I slotted myself behind Wendy and Norm, my 1 minutes rabbits. Nothing like a little Hyperventilation action to start off the event. It's my 3rd time racing up that beast this year, I think I'm getting it dialled! Managed to keep the super strong Czech masters behind me on the climb and just caught my rabbit at the top of The climb.

Down the backside of this climb, Hyperextension and Roots, is a fast technical and long downhill...LOVE IT....which is much easier when dry unlike the Furious3.

I tagged along as third wheel with these 2 for the rest of the race. Enjoying my dually on the tight singletrack and pushing hard to stay with them on the steep climbs. Hitting a few of the nasty puddle reminants from previous very wet weekend, but the trails are in perfect and fast shape right now and my bike was running perfect!!

Broke out the new Flash Yellow Lazer helmet for this weekend so I'm easy to see :-). Looks good with the pink blue and black of my new Champ Systems kit. Thanks to all my other sponsors Binab Property Group, Eatmore Sprouts, Magpie Obsession, Broadmead Physio, MediaOne and Eboost for getting me out here. Thanks to Esi Grips, Lazer Helmets, Sidi Shoes, Maxxis Tires, Pro City, ProGold bike lube, Champion Systems and of course Transrockies sponsor Planet Foods for keeping me rolling!! Thanks to my dad for cleaning my bike for me...spoilt!!

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