Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Double header weekend, quick morning trip over to Vancouver, stuffing our faces on the 7 am ferry buffet, then straight to New Brighton Park for Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition race number 2.  Awesome course!!!!  Super fun and fast, and pretty good turn out with over 150 racers.

Testing the limits of the Kenda Kommando, and pleasantly surprised
Pic from Steve Pukesh

Pic by Amir Shahrestani

SANNNNNNNND, makes me look fast!
Pic from Doug Brons

Pic from Steve Pukesh
Somehow managed to catch the 3:15 ferry back to the island.  Quick stop at Bocco Coffee shop in Nanaimo (must check that one out...10 pound cookies!!...well, not quite), then hauled ass up to Courtney, for some fresh made Amanda Wakeling pizza and Eatmore Sprouts salad....yes, with the best sprouts ever!

Day 2 of the double header was the Dodgy Cross in Cumberland, with the infamous giant whirly-whirl (that did consistently make me dizzy while trying to change directions) and the BMX track (that claimed more then one victim).

Decided I needed the training, yup, second double header in a row (great idea) and raced with the men again.  Nothing but slow diesel in these legs at this point, but managed to hold it together somewhat for a 19th place (and didn't get lapped!)....but I did manage to miss time the barriers a little and did some fancy footwork inbetween the two planks.  Thanks guys for the beer feed.....though I'm not too sure it made my laps any faster (still could't catch Regan (who kept the rubber on the wheel today)...but managed to stay ahead of Russ Anderson (no one has to know he double flatted).....these two should be on the Stan's No Tubes!!!)

At least G-off Robson makes me look really fast!  Or maybe it's my Ridley X-Fire (Belgian bikes can do that)

Thanks Regan for the awesome action packed weekend, I'm still knackered!!!  Thanks Amanda and Glen for putting us up for the night and feeding us sprouts!  Huge thanks to the organizers of the New Brighton Superprestige and the Dodgy Cross....both fantastic races!!!

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