Monday, 8 April 2013

Gearing up for MTB Season

What am I doing, where have I been...oh my gosh, I AM still here!!!  And slowly pulling myself out of fat and sassy season.  After a full year of office working and only being able to train part time, I've been fully enjoying being unemployed right now!  But I do tell you, it's harder then I thought it would be to move back into the realm of volume training.  A previous 20 some hour week would be a solid week of training but right now I'm finding 16-18 hours are really taking a lot out of me.....and of course, there is definitely no easing back into it haha.  I am enjoying the time though!!

Island MTB Cup #3 this past weekend in Duncan was fantastic, very wet and very technical after a very hard steep climb.  Had a great time battling Mel up the climb and rallying with the boys on the downhill.  Great opener and prep to get the body back into gear for racing Sea Otter and Whiskey 50 in 2 weeks....yikes!!!

Super excited to be riding with the Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's Racing Team this summer!  Carrying over from a great cyclocross season and program, I'm really thankful that Shannon was willing to keep me on for the mountain bike side of things.  I'm super excited about my full Shimano Scalpel 29er!!!  Giggity Giggity.

I want to make a little shout out about my Stan's NoTubes Alpha 340's that I've been running on my road bike all winter.  Yes, tubeless road wheels.....and they rock.  Running slightly lower pressure 90-100 makes them a very comfortable and stable feeling tire on the rough roads of Victoria.  And I haven't flatted all winter...knock on wood.  Following the Bill Fry at 100 miles an hour (not quite but pretty darn close), I nailed a rock with my rear wheel hard enough to dent the rim and nearly throw me in the ditch....and I didn't even burp the tire.  With a tube or even a tubular I can almost guarantee that this would have been a flat tire!  Yup, I officially have NO TUBES in any of my bikes....and don't miss them at all :-)

2 weeks more of training and kicking off the season in style!  Maybe Cumberland Island Cup this weekend as one last opener.

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