Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Bonjour...ohh la la

After a week of this I was more than relaxed and rested up...much overdue I think. The weather in Tremblant this year was amazing, I even sat out on the deck one day in my bikini - needless to say, besides my ever present biker tan, I think my body sadly is incapable of a colour other than white. We actaully managed to catch a very small part of dinner one night from the lake, using a Sherwood hockey stick as a fishing rod, now how Canadian is that?

The course was great, same as last year but dry for the first time ever I would imagine. Some good technical climbs and some really tough techy downhills. Had a decent start, but managed to slip up on the first rocky climb, fall off my bike and drop my chain...hmmm, sabatoge. Amanda Sin lead the race the remainder of the way, I managed to catch her once but every lap she put time on the climbs. Overall I'm happy with the race, especially my save on a near death crash. I don't remember exactly what happened, but ended up back on my bike so I definitely can't complain.

I've never really 'gone out' in Tremblant after the race, there's usually the Hardwood Hills Canada Cup the following weekend, but not this year, so why the heck not! After a really cold Scooter ride into the village, some ice cream with killer chocolate sauce, I spent the night of dancing with some good friends (to which I'm actually really stiff from).

Got up early the next morning, thanks to a glass of aqua 'accidentally' tipping over onto me...hehe, actually I believe it was an accident. Went for one last cruise around on my bike, found some really cool singletrack, then hiked the DH course. I must say that we XCers lucked out, Sunday was pretty chilly and wet outside.

Home now for a couple of weeks, Pigeon Lake Road Race this weekend, then heading back out east for a month stint. I think I'd better learn how to speak French, I'm spending most of my summer in Quebec this year.
Oh yeah, in foreign news, Catharine Pendrel kicked ass in the World Cup in Germany this weekend....29th!!!


Kalam said...

le francais n'est pas si difficile!
j'aime bien ton " one life one chance" ciao!

Kika said...

hey Mical I heard something about you and Amanda dancing on the bar in Tremblant. Haha Way to Represent!!! Sorry I missed out on the good times

DalRock said...

HA HA!! that's my girl!!
"Save the wolves babe"!

nice to have you home for a couple weeks.

BikingBakke said...

if you're sore from dancing, you must be doing it right. all I can picture is Mical busting it out like this dude in Tori's blog: http://observatori.ca/2007/06/life-in-fax-lane.html

tori said...

you live a very cool life.