Thursday, 17 May 2007

On the road again...just can't wait to get on the road again...

My apologies, the past two weeks have been incredibly hectic and I' ve had very little time for riding and even less time to post anything. Following the Norba race in Santa Barbara, I headed to Vancouver for a week of hydrogeology field school, makes me sounds smart doesn't it. Spent five days doing not much but sit out in the rain and watch the water levels in our test wells change due to the tidal and pumping tests. Not my idea of a great way to spend a week, espcially when you see a large group of cyclist ride by your site...:( Managed to go for two rides and one run, and managed to hurt my achilles tendon to the point where I was almost in tears just putting shoes on. It was probably a good thing that the the field school write up was also ridiculously long and hard and a lot of work, took a veryy easy week with very little riding, and my achilles is feeling almost perfect again, just a little crunchy sometimes. Back to field school, spending 14 hours a day, for seven straight days sitting in front of the computer looking at numbers isn't my idea of fun, kind of stressful actually. But handed my probably 100 page project in on Monday with a smile (not because I was confident that it was a good paper, but just that it's done).....and I'm free for the summer. Yippee.. So for now, I'm back to being a full on biker bum.

Raced in the second Alberta cup race this past weekend in Edmonton, great course, very technical and tough. Only three women showed up for the elite category which was really lame, but we started two minutes ahead of the expert men, so it was good motivation to stay ahead of them. Dallas had a nasty crash, not a good feeling when you come around a corner and see you boyfriend lying in the trees. I stopped to see if he was okay, but he just told me to go finish the race. Only to find out later that he thinks he busted a pucker string (aka ACL or MCL), not cool and it's still really swollen and sore. Going into see a Dr on friday, so hopefully we'll hear some news, preferably good.

Also raced the second Calgary Midweek Mayhem race, road crit, tuesday evening. Great turnout, probably about 40 men in the B cat (never road raced in a group that big), and finished in 6th place......need to learn how to sprint.

Today, just arrived in Bromont, Quebec for the second Canada Cup race. As per usual with Bromont, it's wet and cold, with forecast for possibly more rain......always expect to get wet here. We took the red eye flight, so I'm absolutely beat right now, fueled by the five cups of coffee I had with breakfast........I think I need a nap right now...the room is starting to spin....Ciao

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