Saturday, 5 April 2008

Fountain Hills Super D

I know, I'm falling way behind on the picture posting and taking, I really do appologize, I've got all summer to practise up again though.

Yesterday evening was the first event of the Fountain Hills Stage Race....Super D, well actually it was more like a 20 min TT that was slightly downhill about 60% of the time. Lots of fast sweeping corners and a few short uphills, oh yeah, and a rattlesnack, made up the majority of the course.

As per NMBS usual, the start was pushed back almost 20 minutes, so my warm-up ended up being over an hour and a half, I was getting kind of hungry and tired by the start of the race. Off the start, I beelined it to the first cactus in sight, not even 5 m down trial and clipped it with my hand. Not a very smart move, my hand was stinging for the rest of the ride. There was 30 minute gaps between each of the racers off the start, so it felt like I was the only person out on course the whole time, it was only near the end that I saw the rider two positions ahead of me...good sign, making time. Due to the shear speed of the course, and the loose gravel on most of the course, I think I ended up over shooting three corners, not bad from what I hear. Towards the end of the run, my lungs were burning, my legs on fire and my eye watering (not from speed but from the sun).

But I managed to pull off a good run and finish in 5th place, behind Gerogia (so glad I didn't start in front of her), Katerina, Wendy and Dellys Star (not sure who that is, but awesome ride).

It was a super late night getting home, with an hour drive from the course. But we had a huge dinner of salmon, potatoes and salad, and a really great sleep, so although I'm tired, I'm feeling pretty good for today. Our short track race is late again tonight, almost 5pm, with the men racing after, so I've got all day to rest up.......well, do homework.


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