Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Now that's what I call a breakfast, big plate of porridge (all the bowls were dirty) with strawberries, yogurt and granola...outside in the sun. Man, I love burning so many calories in the day.

If you've ever wondering about moving a cactus, I didn't know they did such things.

The view from our condo in Phoenix.

Ahhh, packing.


Fenrisar said...

See Please Here

DalRock said...

Hey sweetie.
If you wanna get rid of the spam on your blog. Just log in, and then go to VIEW blog from the EDIT POSTS page.
Click on the comments when you're viewing that post, and then you'll see a little garbage can beside the comment. click on that.

Poyote said...

Good luck in Europe, and kick some butt.