Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Steve Blick from Oakley was super nice enough to help me out and set me up with two new sets of really awesome glasses (after complaining that my eyes were sore in the blazing California sun ...though the blue iridium lenses of my Radars are super stellar for the treed areas. Here I’m sporting the new women’s fit Enduring Edge in a sexy cinder red (both the Luna girls are sporting the Enduring Pace, which has the rounded lens versus the curved lens of the Edge).. they are super comfortable, lightweight and awesome for riding or even just bumming around. I was told the lenses have a hydrophobic coating (which repels water), it’s really neat because the water just beads up on the lens when it rains instead of coating the whole lens and making it impossible to see. The women’s line of glasses has slightly narrower frames designed to fit the narrower faces of women..yippee. The second set I received are the ultra cool casual Script, and I have to say I like these. Mine have the Cappuccino frame (perfect for a coffee lover) with the brown gradient lens…love them! Perfect accessory for any podium shot or coffee run.

Check them out..

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