Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Road Trip

This afternoon, Dallas and I are heading out, driving down south to Deer Valley, Utah for the fourth stop on the NMBS series tour. I'm checking out the forcast for the area, 32 degrees and sunny, all the while looking out my window at the solid stream of rain beating down....yes, I'm excited to go south. From all accounts,I've heard that the riding in that area is absolutely amazing, so that pumps the excitment level up another notch. Oh yeah, not to mention the pink shorts I'm supposed to pick up to match my Trek jersey..no more looking like a giant valentines card, though the red and pink combo was kind of starting to grow on me.

This past weekend was the Suffer Springs race in K-country, the hardest and funnest (I don't know if that's a realy word) 2 hour race course around. The elite men and women and expert men and women all started at the same time, so the narrow start was a pretty hectic. It was cool getting to ride with some of the people that you don't usually ride with. The first lap I got to watch as a Hardcore rider in front of me lost his front wheel in a huge bog and endoed into the mud...always great for entertainment :)

My dad raced and broke his goal of two hours for two laps...great job poppa. And congrats to fellow Terrascapers Jeff Neilson and Nicole Muzechka for their wins in their respective categories. Thanks to the Deadgoats for hosting the race!!!

Off to finish my packing, and printing off my resume....I'm going to try to learn how to sell myself this weekend to teams like Trek and Luna, so I can support my biking habit...wish me luck.

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