Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I'd finally had enough and cut off all of my hair...yesssirree. My sole purpose for growing it out so long...about a foot and a half long...was to be able to donate my hair. The Fringe Hair Company in Calgary takes donations of at least 10 inches of unprocessed hair. And the crazy thing is that it takes about 12 donations and over $1000 just to make one really hope someone gets to enjoy mine. For me, it feels great for the summer and I'm about 2 pounds lighter :)
Tomorrow I'm off to Windham, New York for NMBS #5...never been to NY

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Steve Neal said...

Hi Mical....that is wonderful that you have donated your daughter did the very same thing when she was six...and she had such a wonderful time doing so..

See you soon in St Anne...will I recognize you :)

Is it as short as mine ;)