Tuesday, 29 July 2008

How Slow Can You Go???

That's the name of my game at the moment. I must first off apologize because I'm going to be a bit of a downer in this post. It's really quite weird, I mean, feel great, very motivated to ride and race, pre-rides and warm ups feel good....but come race day, I've only got one speed...not fast enough. As you've probably guessed by now, the World Cup in Mont St Anne was pretty much a disaster. I got pulled from my first World Cup in five years..yikes...since my very first one at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary.

After the first lap I was suffering so much but from so far back that I just couldn't figure it out. I pushed hard through the second lap, actually riding the technical sections better then usual, but still finding myself moving very quickly backwards through the field. The third lap I really struggled mentally, feeling really down about how things were turning out and the fact that no one would feed me a beer on course. My fourth lap actaully felt the best and I was able to move up four spots and snag 29th just before I was pulled.

There have definitley been a couple of tears and I've been pissed off since Sunday.....trying to stay positive is a really hard thing to do right now..I am totally ready to sit down with a carton of ice cream to help quench my woos. Trying a little bit of a different game plan for this next week, and I'll see how things go this weekend in Bromont.


Devin said...

Hang in there Mical.
Even the world's best athletes (such as yourself) have a bad day once in a while.
Bromont wil be a great chance to post the result we all know you are capable of.

Poyote said...

From my old boxing experiences being a sparring partner for fighters. I would get paid to get try and give the champs a run for their money in preparation for a fight that they would have coming in the near weeks.

To make a long story short I would go and get the shit beat out of me 5 days a week for money. But, always near the end of my stay in their training camp I would be the one that was giving the beatings.

This goes to show you that if you stick it out and hang in there, things will eventually go your way. And all the hard effort makes it so worth it when it does go your way.

DalRock said...

I guess being an athlete is alot like life?. It seems so easy when things are going well, and then something gets in your way and you struggle. But if or when you overcome that challenge, you grow as a person and move forward, more wise than before.
Strange how we call it a 'cycle'?.

I'm still always so proud of you. And there's plenty more races to come Mical. xo

Lisa said...

Hi Mical
We chatted a little bit in Bromont (waiting for transponders...) - I'm Lisa from NZ. Just came across your site and think it's great - aaaand, relieved I'm not the only one having a tough time just now. Time for me to go home and recover before Canberra.

I see you're racing Transrockies! Good luck - what a blast! I have a couple of friends coming over for it.

Good luck for the rest of your season :o)