Monday, 9 March 2009

Hammer Troubles

So yes, I'm starting to get really excited for warm weather. Yesterday I woke up and my door knob was frozen....I was locked in my room for like ten minutes. This morning I woke up and it read -45...yikes. But as it turns out, I'm not leaving the great white north as early as I was once hoping. The initial spectulation was for today (monday) or tomorrow, but as per usual, when everything is going as planned, something is bound to go very wrong. The rig for the girl that is replacing me broke down last night (or someone dropped a hammer head down the hole....not something that you can just drill through) it looks like I'm out here for a couple more days :(

Yeah, makes me kind of sad. When you start dreaming of warmer weather and your plans start coming together for departure, then something as simple as a dropped hammer gets in your way, you can get a little bummed. Oh well, it will make the sweet warmth that much sweeter once I make it.

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