Friday, 27 March 2009

What The .... snow in Albuquerque!!!!

Yeah, that's right ladies and gents, woke to snow in Albuquerque...yikes.

Okay, so I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Had a week of great training in Tucson, lots of sun, lots of miles, lots of climbing, lots of great company. The first outdoor riding days in shorts for the season I do have to say were a success. I ended up spending a couple of days on Mt Lemmon doing some very valuable work on climbing...something I know needs a lot of work. The first trip up was my legs were screaming, even though I was in my easiest gear and going as slowly as I could possibly go without falling off my bike, just trying to keep my heart rate in the "endurance zone", in other words...low. By the time I turned around at 8.5 miles, my legs were starting to cramp up.

Second trip up was better, legs were starting to slowly get used to the different angle of pedaling uphill versus on the flat trainer inside :) The third trip however felt really good. I had some hard race pace climbing intervals at the bottom, which surprisingly felt pretty good, then settled into a nice easy pace, making it all the way to the 11 mile mark...yippeeeeeeee. I unfortunately never made it all the way to the top of the infamous Mt Lemmon (well not on a bike anyways), I'll save that for another trip.

So after a week of burning myself and putting in some great miles, we packed up Alfonzo, completely stuffed to the gills this time, and headed east to Albuquerque. Holy moley.....the wind was crazy, my poor little bike was on the roof and was completely sand blasted. As we neared our destiniation you could see the big, ominous clouds overhead. I had heard that the weather wasn't supposed to be good in New Mexico, but snow, I just couldn't believe it.....

After a morning of procrastination, I bundled up and headed out for a 4 hour tour of Albuquerque.....really, my arms could use a couple of days without sun. Group ride tomorrow, Sea Otter is less then a month away, but for tonight, steak and no-bake cookies...hehe

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