Thursday, 9 April 2009

Great News

Yessum, finally I have a mountain bike....but oh my goodness, what an ordeal it was. After getting stuck at the boarder for a couple of days, it finally arrives in Abuquerque 5 days after the scheduled delievery with a bill of $716....WHAT!!!!! I am just about in tears as the UPS guy drives off with my bike that I've been waiting for for almost 2 weeks because I won't pay the tax. After some frantic calling, some more paper work, quick drive to find an expensive fax machine, $2.50 a page..yikes...I finally get a call saying that they've been able to reduce the charges to only $43 USD. I'm still trying to understand why I'm being charged a fee by UPS on top of the fee already paid to send the bike here....but I'm at the point that "I JUST WANT MY BIKE", so I agree to pay.

The next day, the same UPS guy shows up with my bike again :) But they only take check or money order...WHAT!!!!! Who doesn't take cash...geeeezzzz. I'm just about in tears again as he drives away with my bike for a second day. I quickly hope in my car and speed down to the nearest gas station and get a money...did you know there is a fee for a money order...crazy. Money order in hand I'm driving frantically around the area that the UPS guy said he'd be....finally my stalking pays off and I find him..yippee.

He tries desperately to shove the box into my car....for anyone who doesn't know I drive a 2 door Sunfire...and the trunk is full of gear, so he's trying to shove it in the back seat of my car...right. It takes a little, I'm not above begging whent he time is right, and he finally agrees to bring the box back to my brothers.

Yes, if you could see me I have a huge *&^% eating grin on my face. Last night my brother put my bike together, spend this morning tweaking a few things and took it out for it maiden voyage. Oh my goodness, I love it....don't worry, I'll post pic's...but it rides absolutely's definitely a hot looking bike too.

Off now to make tacos for my brothers big 25 b-day. Ciao

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Kyle Marcotte said...

Just curious how you were able to get UPS to reduce the fee. Could you please let me know as I might have to go through the same thing. Thanks: dukyle at yahoo dot ca