Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Houffalize, Belgium

So here I sit, with four others, Sandra Walter, MC Super, Adam Morka and team Canada mechanic Scott Kelly, out front the local Nadrin pharmacy, in a steamed up van poaching the only internet signal we can find in the area... hehe.

I'll keep this short so I don't loose my signal. It wouldn't be Belgium without rain...yesterday was a nice cold 2 and a half hour ride in the rain, today was a day off, thank fully because it once again is the forcast for most of the week. Yeah, I'm a little grumpy..hehe..after the last two weekends we were definitely getting spoiled with the nice California and German weather......knew I packed my winter riding gear for a reason :)

Come up Mical, toughen up!!!!

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Brent said...

Good Luck this weekend, have fun in the mud. Looks like we are actually going to have a sunny and warm weekend back here in cow town.