Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Back in town...for a little

It seems everywhere I go, I bring the rain and snow and hail.....and this morning was yet again another day of nasty weather. Though things seem to be looking up, started my ride at noon in about 9 degrees and rain, finished 2 hours later at 13 degrees and sun, and BBQ'ed at 6pm at 22 degrees...crazy Calgary weather for ya.

After the Hardwood Hills Canada Cup, I spent a week in Winnipeg visiting Garrett and putting on some wet miles. You know what's absolutely amazing, my heart rate monitor tracks elevation, when I downloaded my files from my rides in Winnipeg, there is absolutely no relief....I can't believe how flat everything is. Really quite good for recovery riding, though the wind can make it feel like you're climbing a 16% grade at times.

Just finished unpacking my bike and giving it a really, really, really good cleaning, much needed too. Supposed to be getting a hardtail this week, just in time for the Edmonton Canada Cup. It's been a couple of years since I've raced a hardtail, here's hoping to remembering how...it's like riding a bike right.

This weekend Edmonton Canada Cup
Next weekend Canmore Canada Cup
Next weekend - the next weekend BC Bike Race - really excited about this one ;)


Poyote said...

Better bring your slicks for the Edmonton race. Super fast course, hard pack and rooty in some sections. But you could ride a crossbike on this course.

BikingBakke said...

Looking forward to seeing you at the Canmore race!

Bruce J said...

You are going to love the BC Bike race, lots of sweet single track.