Monday, 31 August 2009


Nope we didn't eat these guys...but I did chase them around until the big guy stood up and I got scared and ran away.

Today was a rest day, so we went for a pretty good coffee...there are sooooo many coffee shops in Australia....where to start, where to start???

Amanada and I weren't sure what to do so we decided to stop in at a local bike shop. Mal from Maladjusted bike shop, who we met the previous day and showed us how to get to the course, said "Here, take these cruisers and head downtown. Just lock them up outside".....sweeeeet. We bought Scott Kelly (team Canada mechanic) an Apple Crisp Pie for his 25th bday and carted it home. Yup, that's it strapped down to the back of the Ute..super cool bike.

And then we thought that while we were at it, we should get some beer for Mal and the bike shop guys cause they were so cool for letting us use their bikes...and what better way to cart it over to the shop???? Though we were a little sketched out by this strap down job and at $17 for a 6 of Stella there definitely won't be much beer enjoying over here.

Love days off when you get to explore. Intervals tomorrow, and hopefully watch some of the team relay.

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schmengy tech support said...

that's an awesome rest day if i ever saw one!! glad you gals had a good day. love the Utes, wicked cool bikes. i bet you could go 3 rounds with a roo and knock him on his ass, Amanda will hold him for you!!! LOL