Saturday, 3 October 2009

Fall Season

It's one of my fav times of year, the changing of the leaves, the new smells of the season. I love being able to unpack my woolies (but really I don't think we actually packed them away this summer) and head out into the chilly weather for a run or ride...or soon a ski....and of course cross racing.

I'm sitting here wondering what to do with myself today, watching the snow fall outside, getting ready for the Dark Cross...Calgary's super cool night cross race. And it's supposed to be wet, snowy and cold..hehe.

Last week was my first cross weekend of the season, nice little double header that left me knackered all week...yikes, not used to that super high intensity right's awesome. Came second to Pepper Harlton both days, but I like to think that I didn't make it easy on her. It's awesome to see how fast she has gotten in the past couple years, it's a struggle to just keep her in sights's great.

Thanks to my parents for coming out and cheering..super fans!!!! and to Regan who shot some really great photos during the weekend....and I actually talked him into racing the sunday race.... 'whispered voice "I think he's hooked" '...hehe.

Oh yeah, got my new cross bike yesterday from Barry at the Trek Toronto Store, and I'm really excited to rock it's a really nice rig :)


schmengy tech support said...

I am hooked!! Just what I needed was another addiction!! lol

Mical said...