Saturday, 17 October 2009

Time flys....

when you're in limbo land...hehe. The past couple of weeks have flown by, spent mostly riding, relaxing, drinking coffee, watching "Pushing Dasiys" and hanging out with Regan.

Last weekend was Cross nationals and the Jim Horner UCI races in Edmonton Alberta. Juventus does a great job of hosting these events, and despite the frigid cold weather and blowing snow, it was a lot of fun. We had a pretty good sized field of women show up, including mtb legend Allison's always really cool getting to line up with her...even when at over 40 she can still kick my ass....seemingly easily. I ended up finishing 4th in both races, with a sizable gap up to 3rd, but a good battle with Sarah Stewart behind me. Day 2 I couldn't quite shake her as much as Day 1 (nats) and I definitely felt the pressure from her the whole's awesome. Really proud of fellow Albertan Pepper Harlton finishing 2nd and 3rd consecutively.

thanks to Regan for catching some super wicked shots of the weekend....pain and all

After a week of somewhat slovenly living (which I rather enjoyed because I had great company for most of it and for the making of popcorn balls...mmmmm), I decided last minute to race the Blow Street Cross today in Calgary. I do admit I love playing in the mud, which will be great as tomorrows race at COP is said to have about 2 inches of snow covering the entire course as of today...yipppeee....and thank goodness for mud tires.

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