Saturday, 7 November 2009


So here I sit, satuarday morning, enjoying a warm cup of coffee, listening to the rain sprinkle on the roof....and trying to work myself up to getting geared up for the double header "Cross on the Rock".

Monday Regan and I stuffed ourselves and more then half my life into my little Sunflower and drove west from Calgary to Victoria. My first couple days here called for rain, but I think I was getting a nice west coast greeting and had some super stellar weather.

Yesterday was my first real taste of coastal living weather though.....3 hours mtb ride in the rain (pretty good rain...but surprisingly warm), zapped my energy and I spent the rest of the day job hunting semi-comatose...hehe.

Today, Slugget Farm cross race...tomorrow, Juan de Fuca cross race. I'm not sure, but I think this might be my last weekend of racing for the's been a long season and I'm excited to start getting the longer miles in.....we'll see.

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BikingBakke said...

have fun in Victoria this year - I don't make it there too often but if I do I'm stopping in to say Hi!