Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Winter Training

I'm talking about a 5 hour mtb ride in knees....and being too hot...hehe...okay I won't rub it in too much more. After working up north for a couple weeks and coming back to Victoria, it feels and smells like spring. I've been extremely lucky and had incredible weather the whole week and a half that I've been back. Forecasts of rain have been pushed back farther each today, 8 and sunny...what to do, what to do.

Sunday, Regan and I geared up for a long day in the saddle. With forecasted rain and wind in the afternoon, we were in the saddle just after 9am. 40 min ride out to the Hartland dump, then we had planned a big loop ending with a new "secret" trail.....soo exctied. Our day was cut short due to a broken pedal and we limped our way home (still managing a 2 hour day). I have to admit I wasn't overly disappointed because shortly after getting home and showered up, the wind and rain started. Every now and then you need a lazy weekend day watching football and Harry Potter.

Monday we geared up again and headed out for an ubber long day. Trails were still in excellent condition and the riding was amazing. We hit the "secret trail at about 2 hours into our loop.....and after getting slightly turned around and missing what I'm assuming was an important intersection (and very well hidden) we ended up riding some really wicked tight singletrack. The trail spit us out in quite the opposite direction to which we were intially headed, but when it's 12 and sunny, who cares. Stopped at the Dump parking lot to refill our bottles and headed home, finishing our day with just over 5 hours of riding...yippeeeeeee.

Tomorrow I start my trip back up north to work. Stopping in Calgary for a day to pick up my bike and trainer :)

3 hour ride today, I think so!!!!

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