Thursday, 28 January 2010

Today Calgary

....tomorrow Fort McMurray....sounds like I'm starting my rotation off with a nice night

Past 3 days, 10 hours in the saddle:

Monday - 5+ hour mtb ride

Tuesday - 2 hour road ride (on mtb) spin

Wednesday - 3 hour road ride (minus front brakes - kinda a funny story, but coulda been not so funny) - 20 X 30 sec sprints (they were supposed to be 10 sec sprints, but I don't read my program very well -oops Steve..hehe)

Today - Shopping with my mom (she can kick my ass any day...I'm pooped)

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Kate Aardal said...

nice... bring your big tires too!! chad and I road fisheries today and the colder it gets the better the trail seem to get!!