Friday, 21 May 2010

Ohhhhhh....Ahhhhhh....hehe, the new bike!!!

Just imagine this bike with full XTR!!!! Yup, it's a beautiful sight....and a beautiful ride.

Arrive in Mount Tremblant last was a rather uneventful trip compared to what I've had to deal with this year so far. Flights were smooth and on time...had to hang out in the Montreal airport for a couple hours waiting for my shuttle (that was probably the only downer of the travel day)....but the shuttle driver was awesome and stopped by the grocery store!!! 9:30 pm arrive at our uber chic barn condo off of el Diabloe golf course (this area is totally punch drunk with golf courses) to meet up with the rest of the Trek Canada Team.

Had a few troubles falling asleep, you wouldn't think 3 hours time change would be that much of a big deal, but it definitely throughs you off a little. Woke up fairly early....though later then the rest of the house.....with happy thoughts of putting together my new bike.

The Top always....rides awesome. It took a little adjusting and tweaking to get things feeling normal, but it's a super fun bike that climbs well and decends amazing.

Pre-road a couple of unusually extremely dry laps of the course. It's the same course as the past couple of years, but they've done a lot of work on the first half of the's soooooo buff....haha, however, the second half of the course is soooooo rough (way more so then I can ever remember) wrists are actually a little sore from just my pre-ride....yikes.

Now....relaxing, geeking out, trying to get myself pumped up for the race tomorrow!!!!

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Dave Shishkoff said...

Wow - that's a hawt machine, lucky you!! Too bad they don't make 'em with bigger wheels, eh? ;)

Keep on tearin' up the trails, taking names and kicking butt!!