Friday, 28 May 2010

Week in recap

Stiff and sore after racing...hehe and crashing...on saturday...I pack up my stuff and pack myself into the back seat of a Toyota Camery with 3 other people. Yup, 4 people with 4 bikes and all our luggage into (well and onto) a Camery.....Yikes.

Yup, that's my spot!!!! My hamstrings were super duper stretched after that one :)

Huge thanks to the West Coast guys Tom Skinner, Craig Richey and Dan Sessford of Team Blue for being willing to squish me in and giving me a place to stay for the week. As well as Mrs Skinner and her mom for keeping me well fed all week.

It's been a fun, and uber relaxing week based predominately around easy rides and hanging out in the air conditioned basement. As soon as you walk outside the wall of humidity hits you hard and almost knocks the breathe outta me.

This weekend Hardwood Hills Canada Cup hosted by our very own Barry Near and Trek Bicycle Store of Toronto. Saturday Trek Canada team is hosting riding clinics on course...we did this last year and it was a lot of fun :)

And I'm super excited about monday...heading back to Victora....and get spend a month on the island!!!!! Next event...BC Bike Race at the end of June.

Okay, yes I'm a geek and yes that is a meat lasangne with a meat message...haha....too bad it all slid and wasn't legible once Regan cooked it up...haha

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