Saturday, 9 October 2010

Christmas came early!!!

Santa Dave and Mrs Brenda Claus surprised us early with a wicked new BBQ!!!! As some of you may know we don't have an oven, and I love cooking, so I've been perfecting my skills on the BBQ. At the beginning of the summer our wicked little 3rd hand-me-down generation Weber finally died......that was a sad day :( A frantic search through the many Victoria free ads and we found a nice looking little BBQ.....nice looking doesn't mean it works very well. Baking and just BBQing became a lot harder.....hehe....and I know my mom was worried that I wouldn't be able to make my BBQed christmas bread this

Best new BBQ initiation, Red Barn beef bacon directly on the grill....oh my goodness!!!

Now I gotta bake pumkin muffins, apple crisp, banana bread, pistachio cookies.......

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