Monday, 18 October 2010

Crazy Busy Weekend

Battle Royal (aka ding dong battle)

In the left corner, sporting the purple Frontrunners skin suit with the swanky new Ridley X-Night, with all bolts tightened and finally getting a warm up consisting of more then just pushing Tycho around, 3 time (I think that's right) Canadian cyclocross champion.........Wendy Simms!!!!
In the right corner, sporting the white (yikes!!!!) Trek Canada skin suit riding the not quite as new hot 2010 Trek XO2, with new lower tire pressure of 30 psi (yikes again !!) and the new wicked Bill Fry bike fit, gaining an extra inch of seat post.......Mical Dyck!!!!!

Racing with the big boys again....definitely great training that's for sure. It's funny, I didn't conscientiously plan to race just Wendy, but out of the first corner I ended up just 2 positions behind her and I was really motivated to try to stay on her wheel as long as I could. For the first couple laps she yo-yo-ed just in front of me....I had some sections dialed a little more cleanly and she had other sections better dialed.

About half way through I felt really strong so I attacked and pulled out ahead for a lap, and charged as hard as I could. She stuck to my wheel like gum, matching my corner speed, matching my straight away speed, matching my dismount/mounting....though slowly I noticed a small gap so I attacked again as hard as I could. Up and around a long sweeping uphill corner I was coming to the end of my attack, readying to settle back into the steady hard pace, getting ready to peek over my shoulder....when all of a sudden Wendy blew by me like I was standing still......What the!!!!! How the !!!!!!!

Shift, shift, shift....hammer to grab her wheel. I managed to stick with her for almost another lap, but noticed that I was starting to make more and more small mistakes...getting tired. Going over the barriers.... cleared the first one, knocked my wheel on the second one, clipped my shoe on the 3rd one....haha, that was a frantic stagger as I scrambled not to fall on my face......right in front of Regan taking pic's.....that woulda been a great shot though.

The last 20 mins I started fading and the gap between us slowly opened up and I think I finished about 30 seconds back....but didn't get lapped this weekend!!!!

Regan had an amazing race, taking his first cyclocross win!!!!! Watch out, a couple more of those and you may get the "gentle nudge"... hehe. Awesome venue for a cyclocross race, thanks to all the organizers and volunteers...........and thanks for the great garlic dog at the end of the race too.

After the race we bolted to Naniamo to catch the 5:45 ferry to Vancouver to catch the Murder City Devils show.....that was super cool show !!!

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