Monday, 7 March 2011

4 weeks to go time

Oh my goodness, 3 weekends till my first major race of the 2011 season. It's wild how fast the winter flies by. Really disappointed that I'm stuck up north and going to miss the first Island Cup race in Victoria, and possibly the second race in Powell River, but fingers are crossed that I'll make the third race in Duncan the following weekend. And that's it, cause the following weekend I'll be in Bogota, Columbia for Pan American Championships. Yah, haha, Columbia, Yikes.....armed body guard transport too and from the venue. Actually, I've done a little looking on the internet and it looks like Columbia has done a lot of work in the last couple years to "clean up" the image of the country.

So coach Dan has me doing some great interval workouts up north here, trying to get my legs, body and mind ready to race. All I need now is a bike, fingers are crossed every which way that they show up soon and Regan can have the, all built up and ready to go for when I finally get release from my great white prison.

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