Friday, 25 March 2011

Slowly coming together

Yipppeeee... I Want to officially welcome Lazer Helmets to my team of sponsors for 2011. These are the best looking, most comfortable helmets out there with the really, really cool Rollsys system to tighten the helmet onto your noggin, and the new magnetic Magic Buckle clasping system. Regan bought me the sexy pink and black Helium last year and I feel in love with these helmets. This year I'll be rocking most of the year either the red and white or the black and red Helium. But Chris from Lazer also provided me with an awesome black and white Genesis and Nirvana to try out too. My head thanks you so very much :)

I want to send out a huge thank you to all my sponsors that have come through so far for me this year, helping to make my season that much better. Including Vellendtech with my oh so comfortable Sidi shoes, Genuine Innovations with the tire inflation swag and TRX with the awesome portable suspension training system.

Atomic push-up with the TRX (I can only manage about 10..hehe)

I also want to thank Bill Fry from Trek Pro City for getting me into a frame and for letting me use your little bike for training on while I wait for mine :) Huge thanks for Melanie McQuaid who has bascially been my biggest parts sponsor for the year ... haha.. love raiding her garage, and now Peter Wellsman for digging out the "old" Sid for me.

Most of all I really need to thank my boyfriend/mechanic/biggest fan (besides probably my parents) Regan Pringle for making it all come together. It's been a pretty stressful couple days as I realized things aren't working out the way I thought they were going to and we've been madly searching for parts to build up the frame. He's been great at trying to keep me calm and focused on Pan Ams in less then 2 weeks, while taking on the majority of the stress. He's spending the night tonight putting it together (while I go for sushi) so I can race it this weekend at the Cobble Hill Island Cup race and work out all the kinks before I have to box it up for my trip south.

Oh ya, mom, here's the picture you wanted of the abomination that was my truck for the winter up north (love the 400km on 120litres of diesel..yuck!!!!) parked in front of the shack I called home....glad I'm done there!!!!

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