Monday, 13 June 2011

The good and the bad

So much going on the weekend!

So tired and sore from the Thursday night hammer ride. For some of those guys it's just an easy ride, but I was pinned most of the night so I was definitely feeling the effects of the effort. Friday was my active recovery day, so why not go for a little run (haven't been running in a while so that's always a good idea), then a little TRX (haven't done that in a while, I'm falling behind), then I went and signed up for the final Friday night Hotel Grand Pacific Harbor Sprints (haha, never done that). Great combination for already sore legs....I couldn't walk properly the next day.

So the friday night sprints were really cool, and there was a huge turn out. Because these are set up by the huge fixie crowd of Victoria, and probably half of the racers are riding fixies, on of the few rules for us geared riders...NO shifting gears. I've learned that I really don't have a great start when i have to start from big and 3/4 of the way down the cog....freakin hard gear. First round I was faced up against a super fast kid who practically walked away from me..haha. But thankfully there was a repassage (okay I really don't know how to spell that, but it means a do-over for us losers), and I managed to take the win...yippee. In my third round I kinda stalled out powering off the start, and by the time I was up to speed I had a lot of ground to make up.

This is me on my only win!!

Saturday morning I was moving a little slowly, but was excited when Regan and I geared up and headed out for a great mountain bike ride. I was definitely really slow getting going, but after I did the intervals Dan had scheduled for me (yes, they really sucked) and we ended up in Partridge Hills on some really wicked and gnarly trails. After both of us were significantly gooned we hit the road (after a coffee and cookie break at the Red Barn Market) to ride home.

This is where it turns from the good to the bad. I know I'm sponsored by Lazer Helmets but I can't emphasis enough just how great these helmets are. Not only are they the most comfortable lids around, but I have first hand (well I guess it's still second hand) experience with how good of protection that they provide. While powering up and over a small rise along the road, easily moving 40 km/h, Regan's chain unexpectedly exploded and the next thing I know he's going down hard and fast. After an ambulance ride and a 6 hours in emergency I get to bring him home with some really good road rash, and a broken scapula and clavicle.

Regan was trying out one of my new helmets on our ride, and it's not till later that night that I actually get to have a good look at the Lazer Helium , but the whole back end of the helmet is blown out. And he doesn't even have a concussion, or head pain.

Thank you Lazer for making the best helmets that do exactly what they are supposed to do. I'm definitely a Lazer fan for life!

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