Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sun Finally!

Finally some nice, like really nice, weather in Victoria. I came home just in time!!! Had my first ride in Victoria for the 2011 year in short sleeves and no arm June. Yikes. You have to take advantage of the warmer weather whenever it comes. After recovering from the European jet lag that had me falling asleep at 8 and waking up at 3 every day for the past week, I got sick. Haha, yup, good old airplane germs and recycled air, gotta love it. But when it's 25 + out and sunny, a little head cold won't hold me back.

Did some really awesome mtb riding with Pro City Racing's Jamie Cameron and of course my very own training partner Regan over the weekend!!! Not a stitch of mud anywhere, I love it.

Last night was the first official "Pro City Sistas" group ride, and what a great turn out!! It's kind of a continuation of the Tour de Victoria clinic group, but geared just towards women. We headed out with a group of 12 ladies to the Prospect Lake loop (one of my favorites - feels like you're out in the middle of nowhere) and managed to pick up 2 more random women. It's amazing how many people look at the large group of women riding and ask "Is this a group ride? How do I get started?". Go talk to the guys at Trek Bikes Victoria to get all the info and sign up on the mailing list. And just wait till we get our jersey's!

Thanks for the riding everyone!!!


llq said...

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warren said...

How's Regan's collarbone? Glad to hear he's riding with you already.