Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bastion Crit!!!  Here I come....ready to turn left 180 times real fast!  Yup, a little nervous but should be fun.  Thank you Regan so much for the new Dura-Ace (poached from your new road bike :-), for dialing it perfect and for gluing my first set of road tubulars on my Zed Wheels from cross season!  Feeling PRO!!

Thank you to all of my supporters for the season as well, my kit is on it's way, was really hoping it would be here for this weekend but I was just a little too slow on the draw.  Eboost Canada, Eatmore Sprouts, Magpie Obsessions, Binab Property Group, Media One, Broadmead Physio, Planet Foods with Honey Stinger, Ultima, GoMacro (Excellent) and Kicking Horse, Lazer Helmets, VellendTech/Sidi Shoes, ESI Grips, Champion Systems...of course Trek Pro City......and everyone else who is a part of my life.

CORNERS here I come!!!

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