Sunday, 3 June 2012

20th Anniversary of the Bastion Crit

 Pro City Tent City 

45 laps with 4 left hand corners...yup 180 left hand corners.  I do wonder how my tires are looking after this one :-)  I did try to count the laps on my Garmin download....haha.  Want to send out a huge thank you for the awesome race to Jon Watkin and Tony Zarsadias of the Condo Group for putting on a such a great event....and only 5 min ride away from home.  I was actually able to watch the first couple races from my balcony as I was eating breakfast this morning.

Had a lot of fun, especially with Carnage Corner...being a mountain biker was an advantage here, though I am really glad it was dry today!  So as a self-professed unknowledgable road racer, with the mountain bikers impatience to just sit and let everything unfold, I managed to take 4 or the 6 primes I believe.  YES for gift cards :-)

But with the final prime being on the second last lap, which I actually thought it might be the final lap (sometimes they do forget to flip the lap cards), took just enough juice out of my legs leaving me sucking wind on the final sprint and finished 4th place.  Coulda shoulda woulda haha.  Awesome race, and my bike worked absolutely amazing!!  Thank you Regan.

And huge THANK YOU to everyone that came out to cheer and heckle!!!  That was fantastic :-)

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