Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Back in Cow Town

Just a quick update...Houffalize went good. I had a decent start, tasting blood 5 mins in is always a good sign, and had a solid race. Ended up chasing Amanda Sin for the last two laps which was extremely motivating, and finished two spots behind her and about 20 secs back, just over 11 mins back from the leaders (much better then last years..what was it, half hour..yikes).

So after a great week in Houffalize....and an incredible post race crepe....ohhhhhhh.....yummmmmmyyyyy...hehe....we did the marathon flight back down to San Fran to pick up my car. Squeezed in a morning tour of Alcatraz, super cool, and then Garrett and I drove all night to catch the morning ferry to Victoria. I've never had the chance to spend anytime in Victoria but it was absolutely awesome. So beautiful, except for the day it rained...definitely wasn't a happy cyclist that day. We took in a couple of tourist attractions, the Ghost Walk, a castle tour, the Butchart Garden (really, really neat), and some fudge dipped cheesecake and apple (yup, it's part of the diet). It was really nice waking up in the morning to the warm sun and the sound of the ocean, I really didn't want to come back to cold, rainy/snowy Calgary :(

But here I am, trying to work up the motivation for head out for my second interval workout of the day (at least it's dry today....and thanks to Jeff Nielson (my BC Bike Race partner) for coming out with me this morning to do the interval set...yaaawzzers (or whatever .. you know what I'm trying to say). Got a couple of weeks to find my intensity before the the Hardwood Hills Canada Cup put on by the Trek Toronto Store, and the next string of races. This season is going by so fast and nationals is upon us in two month...holy.

Chamois time.

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