Friday, 5 February 2010

Dreaming of warmer times

My week and a half off was awesome. I had great weather the entire time home in Victoria, and did an amazing ride with Regan, 5 hours with sun :) Pics from the ride are keeping me sane during my frosty 2 weeks back up north.

Currently I am recovering for a 28 hour work day, which started at 8:30 at night...yikes, gonna take a couple days. Not to mention due to my infinite wisdom I had started the day off at 7:00 (can't miss breaky) to do a 2 hour xc ski followed by a 2 hour trainer ride.....serves me right for being so exhausted I guess..hehe.

I brought my trainer up here this rotation, but in my excitment to pack up my bike and trainer, I completely forgot to pack all the parts for the trainer...haha. Thank goodness for my great parents for sending out the pieces :)

First couple trainer rides of the season...and although it's great to get bike miles in, I had forgotten a little how much I really dislike the trainer...oh well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...or at least gives you a good bum rash...hehe.

Under 2 months till the first race of the season...WOW

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